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PPI Claims

Claim Back Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance

Millions of people have been mis-sold their Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Policy – are you one of them? At Debt Advice Unit we specialise in helping you claim back your mis-sold insurance when your account is in arrears.

If you're not in arrears - Gladstone Brookes will be able to assist your PPI Claim. Click here for information on Gladstone Brookes PPI Claims.

  • Reclaim PPI and unfair charges
  • We don't just look at reclaiming PPI – they look to see if there are any other unfair charges over the history of your account.

  • Renegotiate your existing debt
  • We will use any instances of mis-selling to renegotiate and lessen the existing debts to your creditors.

  • Plan your future finances
  • We will not only help you control your existing debt, but plan your future finances by finding the best solution tailored for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I claim back PPI if I am in arrears?

Yes. PPI can be claimed back if you are in arrears. However, this may not necessarily result in a cash refund – if the amount you stand to receive is less than what you owe your creditors, it could be offset against the outstanding balance of the arrears on your account.

Q. Won't the reclaimed money just pay off my debt?

Maybe. Reclaiming PPI whilst in arrears may not always result in a cash refund, as it will be offset against the outstanding balance on your account. If there is any money left over it will go straight back to yourself as a lump sum.

Q. How can I pay DAU's fees if I'm in debt?

We are a "no win, no fee" company. If we are successful on reclaiming your PPI we will spread our fees over a 12-month payment plan. By reclaiming your PPI this will put you in a better financial position overall as the amount of arrears and debt you owe will be reduced. Also the PPI will not continue to be part of your loan repayments as it will be cancelled.

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